Six Great Fashion Apps

Up your style quotient for Boston Fashion Week with these apps.

Staving off a fashion rut has never been easier with the countless and completely portable fashion apps available on smartphones worldwide. Try some of the new kids on the tech-savvy style block to get inspired and stay in-the-know—just in time for Boston Fashion Week.

Top row: Screenshots from Chic Feed, Fitting Room Social, and Pose; Bottom row: Screenshots from Rent the Runway, Speak Chic, and

Top row: Screenshots from Chic Feed, Fitting Room Social, and Pose; Bottom row: Screenshots from Rent the Runway, Speak Chic, and

Speak Chic
Mispronouncing designers is a major fashion faux pas. Never flub daunting names like Hermès or Proenza Schouler again with Speak Chic, which allows you to search designers, read the phonetic spellings (eer-MEZ), and hear quick audio clips with the correct pronunciations. The app also gives the background of iconic fashion brands and designers, so anyone can become an instant expert.

Fitting Room Social
You’ve found the perfect jeans, but you’re stumped on which size to buy. Will they stretch? What about the length? Should you get a different brand? Enter this genius app. Simply search the brand, color, or style of any item and, instead of relying on size charts and mirrors, you can get recommendations and feedback on fit and style based on your measurements and from other Fitting Room Social users. You can upload your looks and also comment and like items posted by other users. Sometimes, it takes a fashion village.

Looking for outfit inspiration? Troll this free app’s Instagram-esque interface to see photos of celebrities and stylists you love (like Rachel Zoe or Coco Rocha) or of hot trends (like tuxedo blazers or pleated skirts). You can also follow other Pose users for their OOTD and street style looks and then add your favorites to Pinterest-like boards — called Collections — to revisit later.
Never miss a moment from any of your favorite designers with this app, which offers complete fashion show and backstage coverage in one place. Search collections by season or check out the latest shows from all over the globe with the app’s easy-to-use menu and clear catwalk shots. Stop by their Style File blog, too, for designer updates and trend tracking.

Chic Feed
There’s an endless stream of looks and favorite pieces from bloggers, editors, and fashion enthusiasts online—sometimes it’s a little hard to keep up with all the clutter. Chic Feed brings together a group of fantastic blogs and lets users scroll through photos, ideas, and inspiration with the swipe of a finger.

Rent The Runway
If you’re constantly chasing down unsuspecting passersby to ask where they bought their shoes, dresses, or outfits, this new app is for you. Snap a picture of the garment or pattern and Rent the Runway will match it to a look that’s available for rent on the site. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

—Hannah Warne