Global Charming: Find Tempting Gifts at New South End Store December Thieves

It’s almost criminal how many tempting gems Lana Barakat has lying around just for the taking (by which we mean: purchasing legally, in exchange for money) at December Thieves, her new SoWa gift boutique. The retail veteran and jewelry designer has a knack for spotting emerging talent and plucking unique pieces from her worldly travels, be it a wool scarf silkscreened in Brooklyn or silver-and-leather wrap bracelets crafted in Barcelona. Despite the rough-hewn aesthetic of the tiny store—named after a verse by the Persian poet Rumi—the shelves and racks are artfully displayed, with many lines exclusive to the shop and prices that range from perfectly reasonable to complete steals…er, bargains.


Photograph by Michael Piazza. Styling by Jenny Wilson/Anchor Artists.

1. Collina Strada leather bag, $92.

2. Brush Factory wooden bottle stoppers, $22 each.

3. Kate Watts wool gloves, $48.

4. Goddess Glass matchbox, $2.

5. Theory 11 “Artisan” and Bicycle “Steampunk” playing cards, $10 a pack.

6. Iron scissors, $22.

7. Lana Barakat for Lazuli resin, brass, and leather necklace, $130.

8. Devon Whitney Tile stoneware soap dishes, $24 each.

9. F Is for Frank gold-plated pewter ring, $102.

10. Stainless steel condiment spoon, $8, and gold-plated condiment spoon, $12.

11. Canvas glazed porcelain bowl, $26.

12. Peg and Awl chalkboard tablet and chalk pencil, $24.

13. Sundries and Plunder leather owl mask, $115.

14. Ceramic tagine, $22.

15. Lana Barakat for Lazuli sterling silver, pyrite, and leather necklace, $120.

16. Patricia Ayres wool scarf, $140.

17. Izola ceramic soap dish, $20.

18. Herbivore Botanicals black bamboo soap, $9.


524 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617-375-7879,