Magpie Kids in Somerville Goes Outside the (Toy) Box

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, David Sakowski opened Magpie Kids, a boutique catering to babies, toddlers, and their progressively minded guardians. His new venture, like its nearby namesake, Magpie, is thoughtfully stocked: Here, handmade toys “have that kind of retro flavor,” he says. “You need your imagination to play with them.” But, refreshingly, not batteries.

Magpie Kids Toys

Photograph by Michael Piazza / Styling by Jenny Wilson/Anchor Artists


1. Finn + Emma wooden rattle, $19

2. Little Fluffy cotton onesie, $28

3. Jack Rabbit Creations wooden boat, $6

4. Cate & Leviwool butterfly purse, $20

5. Plan Toys wooden pull toy, $23

6. Marc Vidal French ABC cards, $7

7. Twig wooden camera, $40

8. Donkey Projects “I-Woody” toy smartphone, $20

9. SevenAcre Toys stacking wooden stars, $51

10. Free Ramblin’ Kidswool booties, $32–$44

11. Eco-Kids crayons, $10 per box

316 Highland Ave., Somerville, 617-764-4110,