Street Style: Winter Hues

Because you know your winter wardrobe could use a little inspiration.

When faced with a winter like this, waking up in the morning is sufficiently heartbreaking. Checking the weather app while you’re still cozy in bed inflicts some more damage. But knowing you’ll have to get out of your pajamas and into layers of clothes really does the trick. And even when you’re protected beneath layers of cotton, wool, and cashmere, you’re still afraid to brave the frozen streets.

Not everyone relies on the bundle-of-cloth look, however. Some people deal with the icy pain by prioritizing style before practicality. Maybe feeling good distracts you from the forceful wind brushing against your bare skin, right? We headed around town to gauge the strength of the city’s street style. Here are some favorite looks:

Student at Berklee College of Music
Favorite winter accessory: Her earmuffs.
Get the earmuffs: Harris & Tweed

Paulina Keamy, LF employee (left) 
Least favorite part about winter apparel: “You can’t wear cute shoes ever, because there’s salt and ice everywhere, and you’ll fall.”
Get the beanie: LF

Karolyn Leviton, writer (right)
Least favorite part about getting dressed during winter: Taking off the clothes.
Get the shoes: LF

Post-grad about to start her first job
Mentality when getting dressed in the morning: Stay warm!
Get the coat: BCBG

Student at Boston University
Least favorite part about winter apparel: “Definitely the layers. I’m from California and prefer summer clothes, so it’s the layers.”
Get the shoes: Timberland

Student at Fisher College
Favorite winter accessories: Her hat and gloves.

Student in Woodstock, New York
Winter apparel mentality: “Go for a warm look but try to keep your style.”
Get the shoes: Dr. Martens

Student in Woodstock, New York
Favorite winter item: A big knit sweater.
Get the shoes: Blundstone