Pony Up

What’s inside the little orange box? A pop-art Pegasus in flight.


“Pégase Pop” silk scarf, $340, Hermès. / Photograph by Toan Trinh

With the reopening of the Hermès boutique in Boston, we can finally indulge in the latest array of covetable accessories, including this colorful creation by graphic artist and longtime Hermès designer Dimitri Rybaltchenko, whose winged stallion bursts from the clouds with Lichtenstein-like vigor. As a constellation, Pegasus is a portent of spring (Zeus chose him to carry lightning bolts around Mt. Olympus). Let’s hope this powerful pony brings us plenty of pleasant weather as the summer winds down.

“Pégase Pop” is among the many delights showcased in Hermès’s new 8,700-square-foot Boylston Street showroom. The original 1988 shop, which was closed over the past year for the renovation, occupied a single story. Paris-based architectural firm RDAI, founded by the late Rena Dumas (wife of former Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas), designed the luxurious two-story update.

With its larger Boston digs, Hermès can finally display its comprehensive line. Beyond the stunning scarves and bags, find tableware, bed linens, fine jewelry, and even equestrian equipment, including dazzling handstitched leather saddles starting at $6,550, a selection of handsome bridles, and, if you really want to pimp your ride, $315 black-cowhide bridle reins. Winged or not, your steed is worth the splurge.