Impulse Buy

This month’s must-have: the 'Blanket Wrap' from Kit and Ace.

kit and ace blanket wrap
“Blanket Wrap,” $368, Kit and Ace.

The age-old early-fall conundrum: It’s too warm for a jacket but too cold to step out in your favorite cotton tee. The solution: Kit and Ace’s reversible jacquard “Blanket Wrap,” a cozy shrug that looks just as sharp at a client meeting as it does on an Esplanade stroll. The casual-luxe Lulu lemon offshoot—which produces fashion-forward basics made of “qemir,” a proprietary cashmere-blend fabric that can be washed at home without shrinking or pilling—is bringing its stylishly toasty pieces to a 3,500-square-foot storefront on Newbury Street.