Is Kanye West the new Banksy?

Yeezy makes a disappointing showing at fashion week.


Yes, musician and Kardashian-tamer Kanye West debuted the second collection of his eponymous fashion line at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Yeezy Season 2 hit the runway as a last minute addition to the Fashion Week schedule (effectively booting several designers who had been assigned that space by the CFDA in advance).

The showing was a fascinating look inside the man who has declared himself God.

Kayne’s collection of glorified Spanx dystopian-inspired line was literally marched out on to the runway in military fashion: row by row, models arranged by skin color were led by a series of drill sergeant commands in otherwise complete silence. They looked like extras pulled off the Hunger Games lot.

Quite clearly, this was performance art a la Banksy’s Dismaland. But was Kanye in on the joke?

Unclear. The designs: Skin-toned full bodysuits (and a very memorable pantyhose-over-sweater look that is the stuff of girls’ nightmares) styled with oversize satin flight jackets or shredded military sweaters (is this Kanye’s stand against America’s military-industrial complex?) made me wonder how Vogue‘s Anna Wintour could maintain her cool grin through this onslaught of unschooled “fashion.” She certainly wins NYFW for putting on the bravest face at this moment of extreme bemusement.

Kanye’s befuddling looks didn’t seem to deter the A-listers from making front-row appearances. The audience was packed with VIPs from Seth Meyers to Givenchy showrunner Riccardo Tisci.


I can’t think of an occasion to wear a Yeezy body stocking, but if you want to look the part, I suggest perusing the intimates department and Lord & Taylor where you can pick up some flesh-colored shapeware without the price tag. I suspect Spanx is better made as well. Then again, perhaps popping seams is part of the performance — some of the stuff looked like it could barely hang together through the 15-minute show.