H&M Is Selling Danzig Shirts

Everything is stupid.

You know, it was shaping up to be a pretty good Saturday. Got in a run. Took the 13-year-old over to the Breakfast Club for a throwback Allston diner milkshake. Popped by the office to pick up some paperwork. Then all of a sudden, my wife texts me this photo. She’s at the Newbury Street H&M. And they’re selling Danzig T-shirts:

The Danzig shirt at H&M Boston

The Danzig shirt at H&M Boston / Photo courtesy Carly Carioli

I…I literally cannot even. Everything is stupid.

If you’re wondering who Danzig is, feel free to skip the rest: This isn’t going to make any sense. Because even Danzig’s staunchest defenders already know that he shops for kitty litter and gets punched out and spends too much time reading comic books. Who even cares at this point, you might think? He’s putting out an Elvis covers album, for pete’s sake.

But H&M? H&M?! The store best known, in metal circles, for making clothes featuring fake death metal bands?

Say it ain’t so, Glenn.

(Also: I’m totally buying one. Don’t judge me.)