Six Stylish Glasses with Oversized Frames

There’s never been a better time to maximize your outlook. From Anne et Valentin’s perforated spectacles to Burberry’s ombré numbers, eye-catching options of every hue abound for the geek-chic set.

glasses oversize frames

Photograph by Bruce Peterson

1. Tom Ford glasses, $495, Saks Fifth Avenue.

2. Prada glasses, $300, LensCrafters.

3. Tom Ford “Thea” dual-rimmed glasses, $425, Saks Fifth Avenue.

4. “Gabardine Lace” glasses, $290, Burberry.

5. Face à Face “Bocca Lova 4” glasses, $565, Lunette Optic.

6. Anne et Valentin “Opla” glasses, $490, Lunette Optic.