Five Stylish Boston Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

From daily outfit inspiration to shopping made easy, these five local Instagram accounts will give your feed a much-needed makeover.

Quick, unfollow that girl from high school you never really liked and ditch the daily cat pics (wait, who are we kidding—keep the cats). Instead, give your Instagram feed a dose of Boston style with these five local accounts that will address your every fashionable need:

For fashion memes and mantras…

Alisa Neely, @stylescout

Boston-based stylist Alisa Neely does post outfit inspo (she posted a selfie with a leather choker last week that sent us into emergency shopping mode), but it’s her brand of fashion humor that will keep you laughing through the pain of high heels and tight jeans.

For the parties you weren’t invited to…

Elisha Daniels, @elishadaniels

Elisha Daniels wears a lot of hats: she’s a personal shopper, a philanthropist, and an author. But one thing you can totally count on? She’ll be at every social event in Boston wearing in-season designer brands and posing with her many stylish gal pals. Girlfriend has probably never even heard of Netflix.

For runway-worthy art…

Holly Nichols, @hnicholsillustration

Local fashion illustrator Holly Nichols isn’t taking staged photos of her Louboutins on Boston cobblestone, she’s creating art—further proving that your painstakingly styled morning latte is just not that impressive.

For champagne taste on a beer budget…

Covet, @covetboston

Can’t afford a Versace backpack? Yeah. Neither can we. For penny-pinching fashionistas, consignment is the way to go. Covet maintains a fully updated Instagram feed that keeps savvy shoppers aware of any new products they have in store. Just make sure you rush to Southie the second you see that half-off Louis Vuitton (you might have to fight off a certain Boston editor).

For inspiring outfits…

Ashley and Katie Hess, @thepartyoftwo

Every Instagram feed needs at least one edgy street style star. Twins Ashley and Katie Hess are a two for one deal—double the fashion, double the “I didn’t know I wanted striped pants until now.” Bonus: their mother, Linda Holliday, is dating Patriots coach Bill Belichick, so photos from the sidelines during football season are not unheard of.