Impulse Buy: M0851’s ‘47 10’ Raincoat

Grab one of these lush leather jackets to keep the rain in check.

M0851 4710 raincoat

Photograph courtesy of M0851

April’s infamous showers may be under way, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style for utility. Enter the “47 10” raincoat from the recently opened M0851, on Newbury Street. The versatile A-line leather jacket does the unthinkable: It defies the elements. You heard us—waterproof leather. The Italian textile used by M0851 is retanned with silicone polymers to make it impermeable to water, and dry-drummed to give the coat the soft, lush feel we so adore in our leather goods. Combine that with a sweeping shawl hood and flattering darting, and you’re striding in style until those May flowers bloom.

$1,300, M0851, 134 Newbury St., Boston, 617-236-5921,