Bodega Owners List This Season’s Must-Have Streetwear

Sneakerheads Jay Gordon, Dan Natola, and Oliver Mak share their most wanted pieces for the season.

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Jay Gordon

1. Nanamica Gore-Tex Chesterfield Coat
$959, Bodega.

“You’ve probably already seen their Chesterfield coat in the camel color all over the place. This muted charcoal color way stands apart from the crowd with upgraded materials.”

2. Vans Vault “OG Sk8-Hi LX” Shoes
$110, Bodega.

“The Vans Vault spring collection is an incredible range of designs with elevated materials. Bodega is luckily the only Vault account in all of New England.”

3. Nike “Sock Dart” Shoes
$150, Bodega.

“It’s one of the most comfortable shoes but only saw a limited-edition release in 2015, and is finally getting a wider release. I highly recommend this for collectors of trainers with a tech edge.”

4. “Superstar” Shoes
$80, Adidas.

“This is a Boston classic—you’d see these on B-boys, hardcore kids, and everyone else back in the day.”

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Dan Natola

1. “M-65” Jacket
$655, WTaps.

“WTaps—pronounced ‘double taps’—is based heavily on military stylings and the outdoors. Like all Japanese brands, everything is considered…the devil is in the details.”

2. Deluxe “Upsetter Vintage” Washed-Denim Jacket
$380, Bodega.

“I’m a huge fan of basics. A good jean jacket should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, and this season, you can’t go wrong with white denim.”

3. “Wool Teddy” Hat
$68, Noah.

“Noah was once described as post-skate, with athletic and military influences and a touch of menswear. This hat is constructed from Muppet skin—it’s a great take on an everyday classic.”

4. Half-Zip Sherpa Hoodie
$300, Aimé Leon Dore.

“This is an amazing New York City brand with a very clean and uniform aesthetic. Aimé Leon Dore’s take on the classic heavy fleece hoodie is well considered and offered in a range of relevant colors.”

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Oliver Mak

1. “Bernie Cash” and “Curexorcist” T-shirts
$25 each, Wear Dinner.

“I don’t know which I like better: Bernie Sanders as Johnny Cash giving the status quo the bird or a Boys Don’t Cry–era Robert Smith in that ominous scene in The Exorcist.”

2. Patches
$6 each, James Jirat Patradoon.

“The illustrator flips Aaliyah into Anthrax, Clipse into the Cramps, Blackstreet into Black Sabbath. This is crack.”

3. “Everything Went Bart” T-shirt
$30, Black Bart.

“I shouldn’t even be giving this one a shout-out since he’ll probably get a cease-and-desist letter, but this is one of the best graphic tees of all time.”

4. “Heat” T-Shirt
$30, Screvvface.

“There’s a strange movement of underground bootlegs of the 1990s that keeps coming through my Instagram feed—it combines nostalgia with a ‘smash-and-grab’ brand mentality.”

All photographs courtesy of the brands