Take Time to See the New Collaboration Between Shinola and GE

The first New England location of the Detroit-based design brand brings clocks, bikes, bags, and more to Boston.


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Detroit-based brand Shinola opened its 19th brick and mortar in the Prudential Center earlier this month. But Boston’s not just another notch in the brand’s belt (they actually do sell belts): The city’s connection with the company is strengthened by their recent collaboration with General Electric on a line of clocks and power cords now available at the store. Creating a wall clock was a natural progression for Shinola, which launched in 2013 with a line of watches. And partnering with GE, a company known for their innovation and history in time pieces, was also a no-brainer.

The clock’s design, available with a black, blue, or white back plate and chrome case, was inspired by Shinola’s first watch, the Runwell, and shares a similar modern aesthetic, though the clock may be difficult to purchase before the new year. As do the power cords, which borrow their design and finish from Shinola’s bikes. The clocks and power cords join the brand’s impressive roster of handcrafted products which now include apparel, jewelry, leather goods, journals, office products, sporting goods and turntables, in addition to the bikes and watches.

Chris Hull, the Chief Merchandising Officer at Shinola said in an email of the relationship: “We are pleased to partner with General Electric, an iconic American company that shares our dedication to innovation and quality products. Like all of our products, we are approaching our wall clocks and power supply cords with respect, quality and detail.  Who better to help us develop these products than GE?”

Even more impressive than the growing list of goods is the brand’s dedication to supporting American manufacturing: Everything is built in their factories and workshops in Detroit using domestic and imported parts. The brand has enjoyed many other successful partnerships since its inception: Renowned jewelry designer Pamela Love worked on the jewelry line, biker badass Sky Yeager is the head developer for the line of bikes, and famed handbag designers John Truex and Richard Lambertson helped create the line of leather goods.

This combination of creative minds and detailed manufacturing results in pieces that feel both classic and modern, with clean lines, elegant colorways and a reasonable price tag. So buy some time and check out the space, now open at the Pru.

Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.- 9 p.m., Sunday 11 a.m.- 7 p.m., Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St., shinola.com.