Makeup Tips From an Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist

Tim Quinn shares his advice for New Year's Eve glamour.

Tim Quinn

Image provided

Celebrated Armani makeup artist Tim Quinn may be just as dynamic as his makeup palette. He’s been a stock broker for Merrill Lynch, the owner of an ice cream stand in Florida, and a model in Milan. Oh, and he also spent a year traveling the country in a hot air balloon, but that’s a whole other story. He now splits his time between Boston, Boca, and New York City. In person, he’s warm, relaxed, and has perfected the conversational move of occasionally leaning in and speaking in a conspiratorial whisper, making the listener feel like a confidante. It’s no wonder that women spill it when they sit in his chair.

Which is partly why he’s as talented and successful as he is: He believes in the transformative power of makeup, and before putting brush to face, he’ll chat with his clients to figure out what’s going on inside that they want to bring out. As he says, “Sometimes I work with women who look really conservative, but after having a conversation with them, I learn that they just went through a life-changing event and I realize, oh, they don’t want to be this woman anymore.”

He shared some advice about how we can all transform ourselves a little this New Year’s Eve.  As you prepare for the festivities, experiment with these makeup tricks.

Color Correct Then Conceal

“The trick is to correct the blue undertone in the hollow of your eye.  If you disguise that, it helps the whole eye. Put a little strip of corrector there and blend it with your concealer.”

Soften the Smoky Eye

“A smoky eye always comes up when you’re talking holidays. But instead of using blacks and greys, try taupes. It keeps it more user-friendly and not so rocker. Add a little gold or silver sparkle to top it off. “

Spend Some Time with Your Lashes

“You can achieve full lashes at home. You have to coat the lash from the top and then from underneath. And then take the mascara wand, push it to the root and then turn it sideways. Also, remember to regularly clean your mascara brush with hot water or makeup remover so you can start each application fresh.  Most people throw their mascara away too early because they think it’s all dried out, but really it’s just the brush is too clumpy.”

Go Nude or Go Big

“Armani lipstick in Milano works well for everyone. It’s kind of a neutral with a little depth to it. I have a friend who says, ‘A nude lip is for someone who wants to stay home, I need color.’ For those who need a red lip, I recommend Armani #401.”