Gisele Bundchen’s Hat Makes News

The model was photographed earlier this week wearing a hat from local knitwear company the Third Piece.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Hat photo via

Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Hat photo via

When most people wear a hat, nobody cares. But when Gisele attends a hockey game with her star quarterback husband fresh off of his team’s win, and wears a hat from your startup knitwear company, you care.

The knitwear company responsible for keeping Gisele’s head warm Sunday night is called the Third Piece, and they’re based right here in Boston. The startup was cofounded in 2012 by Carina Donoso and Kristen Lambert in the hopes they could make knitting look cool. They manufacture their own Merino wool to ensure each piece looks and feels luxurious. Catering to those who want instant gratification and to those who want a challenge, the Third Piece allows customers to purchase items from the website, or “knit kits” that include everything needed to make the item.

Gisele was gifted her hat last year, and yesterday, Kate Neary, who handles the company’s social media, stumbled across the photo of Gisele and Tom in People magazine and then again in Us Weekly. “We’re just so excited to have her wearing it. And to have her wearing it in Boston where the brand is from is even better,” Neary says.

The now famous hat, called the Newbury, sells for $268 (if you knit it yourself, it’s only $95) and coincidentally, it can be found on Newbury at the brand’s popup shop at 177 Newbury Street, open until the end of the month. Neary says, “It’s one of my favorite pieces from the collection. It does an excellent job of saving you from New England weather.” The all-in-one hat and scarf combo can be worn with the hood up for extra warmth, or as a chunky cowl scarf with the hood down.

And if it sells out, well, looks like you’ll have to teach yourself to knit.

The Third Piece popup is open Mondays through Saturdays 11 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sundays 12-6 p.m. until January 31. See for more information.