Covet: The ‘Runwell’ Turntable by Shinola

For the record, we want this.

runwell turntable shinola

Photograph by Jenna Skutnik

Your cherished vinyl deserves better than that tired old record player in a suitcase. For audiophiles who want their equipment to look as sleek as it sounds, Shinola’s new “Runwell” turntable is a dream upgrade. Produced in collaboration with high-end audio manufacturer VPI Industries and assembled in Detroit, the two-speed, belt-driven showpiece is available at the lifestyle brand’s recently opened Prudential Center showroom. Purists will appreciate the high sound quality from the precision-machined-metal components, while those who can’t wait to dance will love the built-in phono preamplifier that allows the player to be plugged in right out of the box.

“Runwell” steel, aluminum, and wood turntable, $2,500, Shinola.