Yumi Lashes Comes to Ardan Spa

Now you can get lashes like a Kardashian.

Ardan Medspa interior

Photo courtesy of Ardan Medspa

Anyone who has ever worn them understands the magic of fake eyelashes. Add just a couple of teeny, black hairs to your lash line and instantly look younger and less tired. It’s no wonder that lash extensions have become a worldwide craze.

Signing up for extensions, although better than the at-home glue and tweezers combo, means waking up next to lashes on your pillow as they grow out. Plus it’s expensive, it requires routine upkeep and can harm your natural lashes.

Well thanks to Yumi lashes, a treatment available exclusively at Ardan Spa in Wellesley, there’s a way to experience all of the magic of full lashes without the hassle. Although new to Boston, people across the globe have been posting before and after pictures on Instagram for years. And now we can join the fun.

An appointment typically lasts about an hour and costs $175. The only hardship you might suffer is slight claustrophobia as your eyes remain closed and covered in silicone pads while each individual lash is slathered in serums and then tinted with a color of your choice. Look at it as a forced, albeit slightly uncomfy, nap.

The results are worth it. You’ll emerge with lashes that appear thicker, darker, and “naturally” curl upwards. For the next 8-12 weeks, you will wake up looking alert and as if you’ve already applied mascara. Although it seems hard to believe, this effect is achieved without harsh chemicals or magic. The serums are keratin-based, paraben-free and hypo-allergenic.

Now if only we could find a way to pump coffee into our veins.

Before and after lashes

Photo courtesy of Ardan Medspa