Object of Desire: “Rockstud Rolling” Suede-and-Leather Sandals

Talk about fringe benefits.

Photograph by Bruce Peterson

Why walk into a summertime shindig when you can salsa into it instead? Featuring rainbow embroidery and tassels on the heel, these vibrant Valentino sandals, on display at Saks Fifth Avenue, are the perfect way to spice up a boring black cocktail dress. Part of the iconic brand’s latest resort collection, the Italian-made shoes take inspiration from Cuba and the many international influences on its vibrant culture, with detailing typical of haute couture: hand-applied turquoise gemstones, galvanized silver studs. They’re guaranteed to be the only shoes in your closet that have both the soul of a dancer and the pedigree of a European maison.

“Rockstud Rolling” suede-and-leather sandals, $1,295, Saks Fifth Avenue.