Object of Desire: A Handwoven-Cotton Kimono

Christopher Barnes recently launched a website to sell his treasures.

boro kimono

Photograph by Toan Trinh

Beautiful, faded cloth resembling patched denim was in a bag of scraps when it caught the eye of Christopher Barnes. Fast-forward a decade, and the local musician has amassed an extensive collection of antique Japanese textiles, including this boro kimono made of patchwork cotton. “As farmers at the turn of the [20th] century repaired their garments, an unintended and artful design emerged,” explains Barnes, who recently launched a website to sell his treasures. Although museum-worthy, the pieces have also been embraced by the fashion industry. “There’s a crossover now between streetwear and traditional Japanese clothing,” he says. “It’s a bizarre blend, but a fabulous vision.”

Circa-1920 handwoven-cotton noragi with sashiko thread, $1,800, helmn.co.