Impulse Buy: Hidden Gems

Five fashion-forward lockets to steal your heart this holiday season.

Photograph by Toan Trinh, styling by Abby Bielagus

From left:

1. Rare Gems of India bespoke 14-karat-gold, enamel, and diamond locket
$10,500, with gold-filled chain, $875, Royal Jewelers

2. Monica Rich Kosann “Floral Hald” 18-karat-gold locket
$1,550, with 18-karat-gold chain, $750, Long’s Jewelers

3. Monica Rich Kosann blue-topaz-and-mother-of-pearl locket with 18-karat-gold chain
$2,800, Long’s Jewelers

4. “Figurehead” 14-karat-gold locket, $650, with 14-karat-gold chain
$450, Barmakian Jewelers

5. Vintage French enamel-and-diamond locket with 14-karat-gold chain
$4,500, E.B. Horn