Object of Desire: Chic Leather and Shearling Sneakers

Venetian apparel company Golden Goose carefully crafts the lived-in look of their cozy fall footwear.

Photo by John Davenport

An extra-soft tee, jeans that hug in just the right places, and sneakers with scuffs that add character. It typically takes years to achieve this level of perfect imperfection in your wardrobe staples, but with the opening of Golden Goose’s very first Boston store, you can have them hanging in your closet this afternoon. Started almost 20 years ago by two young creatives looking to disrupt the luxury fashion industry, the Venetian apparel company blends Old World craftsmanship with new-school distressed finishing techniques to achieve its now-signature lived-in look. The smudges and paint splatters on the brand’s sneakers, for instance, aren’t accidents; they’re painstakingly created by hand using special brushes. Duck into Golden Goose’s shiny new Copley Place boutique, covered entirely in aluminum foil and outfitted with galvanized-steel furnishings, and walk away with a pair to call your own.

“Superstar” leather-and-shearling sneakers, $605, Golden Goose.