Meet KADA, the Eco-Friendly Clothing Line for the Stylish Everywoman

Celebrating the launch of her brand-new clothing line, New Balance scion Kassia Davis opens up about the family business, sustainable fashion, and the importance of “not-so-basic basics.”

KADA founder Kassia Davis. / Photo by Michael Blanchard

What’s your experience with fashion?

I grew up in the athletic industry, and held various positions at New Balance, my family’s company, including global merchandising for all of our stores. Then about two years ago I joined a small, elevated activewear brand called Fierce + Regal, which gave me an opportunity to learn the startup world and what it takes to build a brand.

Why did you want to start your own line?

As much as I loved working at the family business, I am a firm believer in evolution, and creating my own brand was the next step. When I left Fierce + Regal, I had this idea of creating a line of everyday pieces for the multitasking woman but in a fashion-forward way, and with a focus on sustainability.

KADA is an acronym of your first and last names, so you’re obviously creating something very personal. But who is the KADA woman?

She has an eye for fashion, she cares about what she’s buying, and she knows enough about fashion that when she shops, she targets certain brands. She loves to be comfortable but also look polished and sophisticated. We want every type of woman, every type of body, to feel good in our products.

Models show off some of the designer’s styles. / Photo by Grace Rivera

All right, let’s talk clothes.

The idea is “not-so-basic basics.” It’s a small collection, but it’s very versatile. We’re using this idea of silhouette families. The idea is that if our customer loves the cami, she’ll come back and buy that same cami silhouette in a cami minidress and a cami maxi dress. Over time it will end up being a collection that suits you for any occasion.

What do you like to do while wearing KADA?

With so many forced lifestyle shifts this year, my social life is currently lacking—so I like to wear KADA while working from home, eating my Uber Eats delivery, and watching my favorite Netflix series of the week. But you can truly feel comfortable doing anything in KADA. That’s the point.

How are you ensuring KADA is eco-conscious?

We’re not sitting on a ton of excess inventory—we’re going to take consumer feedback to inform future production runs. We’re also using recycled yarns, and we’re incorporating deadstock fabrics (left over from other brands) into monthly capsules. We’re also working with a third party called GreenPrint to help offset emissions from production.

How does being from Boston influence your brand?

It provides a unique angle to my story. I learned everything I know from my family and my family’s company, so I’m taking that experience and running with it. Where better to create something than in my hometown?