Kelly Brabants Always Has Something Fresh up Her Sleeve

With a new Legacy Place shop opening this month—and a few other surprises, too—activewear queen Kelly Brabants expands her empire.

Brabants models her “Pocket” leggings and new “Esperança Hope” top. / Hair by Brittany Griffin / Makeup by Nelse Karini / Photo by Buck Squibb

Kelly Brabants likes to keep her fans on their toes. And she’s good at it, too: From leading hundreds of attendees through her high-energy fitness classes at rotating hot spots like the Tall Ship Boston to expanding the nearly nine-year-old athleisure line that’s earned her something of a cult following, the Booty by Brabants founder always seems to have something fresh up her sleeve. “I try not to be cookie-cutter and replicate the same thing over again,” she says.

Her new store at WS Development’s Legacy Place, slated to soft-open this month, is no exception. Although it won’t be the first permanent location for the North Easton native’s brand—which, after years of pop-ups, laid down roots in Lynnfield last year—the Dedham outpost aims to offer something different. Striving for more of a “boutique feel” and drawing inspiration from Brazil, where she designs the clothing line, Brabants says the new store will feature “elevated” décor touches, including natural-wood flooring and bamboo wallcoverings with a palm tree motif. “The vibe is a beach party in Brazil,” she says. “I want the store to be a place where you can hang out.” That means customers can expect a bar area for sipping on Body by Brabants natural energy drinks, lots of cozy seating, and (just like Brabants’s classes) upbeat music.

Booty by Brabant’s “LBL” leggings and top bring a little shine to any workout. / Photo by Mark James Dunn/Amy Rose Productions

Of course, the fitness-and-style influencer hopes the shop’s unique aesthetic won’t be the only draw for visitors. The inventory will also be a highlight, with in-store exclusives among the rainbow-hued array of size-inclusive tops, leggings, and shorts BBB devotees can find online. Like the Lynnfield location, the Legacy Place store will also showcase Brabants’s forthcoming designs—including a brand-new lifestyle collection that, in a noteworthy departure from the entrepreneur’s more form-fitting creations, will feature cropped Balenciaga-inspired hoodies and loose-fitting turtlenecks, among other pieces. “I like to reinvent the brand because I never want us to feel stagnant or stay in one place,” Brabants says. “But this fall and winter in particular, we’re definitely going to turn heads.”

Things We Love

Photo by Mona Miri

1. “Textureless” support top, $50.

Photo by Mona Miri

2. “Textureless” leggings, $85.

Photo courtesy of Booty by Brabants

3. Body by Brabants “Vitamina” energy-drink sticks, $48 for 30.