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Kent Stetson’s Conversational Clutches

After 20 years in business, the Rhode Island handbag designer is more popular than ever, with his cleverly vibrant takes on butterflies, food, and pets.


Keith Lockhart Doesn’t Dye His Hair


Glossier Boston Has Arrived in the Back Bay


If Somerville Doesn’t Look Good, He Doesn’t Look Good

Latest Stories

Zara’s Grand Opening

I’ve been waiting for Zara to open in Boston ever since I returned from studying abroad in Europe. The retailer debuted in Spain in 1975, […]

Salon Ambiguity, Round Two: Tips on Tipping

If responses to our annoyance at blowout ambiguity are any indication, most well-coiffed Newbury salon patrons believe extra blow-dry charges are criminal. Case closed. But […]

Bostonista Writes Back: To Button, or Not to Button

Style-strapped locals often look to Bostonista for advice on a wide range of topics, such as what to wear, how to decorate, and which area […]

Mini-masochist: The Booty Pop

I’ve been having a hard time lately—as anyone who’s seen me around town in the same outfit again and again can attest to—and, as a […]

Flat Black is the New Black: 5 Questions for Rogan Gregory

For a guy who claims he knows nothing about fashion, Rogan Gregory is doing pretty well for himself in high-style circles. The man behind premium […]

What’s In Store: High Retail Rents

For spring, hemlines aren’t the only thing on the rise: High-rents are kicking small boutiques when they’re down. When Zara was announced as the new […]

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Here’s where to go and what to get right now.

Impulse Buys

Impulse Buys

We came. We saw. We bought.

Recycle That Mansion

Recently the Globe published a story about Jim and Kim Pallotta’s 21,000 square foot manse going up in Weston for approximately $21 million (though remember […]

Rogan Pits Rat Against Middle East

Stel’s on Newbury Street is hosting a Rogan trunk show today. On hand last night to kick off the event was the designer himself, Rogan […]

Bostonista Gripes: Blowout Ambiguity

Forget the credit card or Comcast gripes—we think the worst hidden costs are buried in the recesses of Newbury Street salons. Bostonista was reminded just […]

Bring on the Guillotine Chic

As we should, Fashion Week Mom and I typically differ on the type of Hollywood hunk that gets our reels going. She dreams of Dennis […]

Shoes Not for the Old, or Cold

Without getting specific, let’s just say I’m not as young as I used to be. Occasionally, this fact smacks me in the face, like, for […]

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Objects of Desire

Objects of Desire

Our picks for the most beautiful buys in town.

Best of Boston 2022: Shopping

Best of Boston 2022: Shopping

Including vintage furniture, dog onesies, and gourmet edibles.

Bostonista Loves: Recession-Friendly Fashion

Talk of possible recession has left some of us over here at Bostonista quivering in our Prada flats. Blowing your rent money on a dress […]

It’s Only Louis Vuitton, But He Likes It

Seeing as he is practically a leather handbag himself, it seems mighty appropriate that Keith Richards is the new spokesperson for Louis Vuitton’s core values […]

Bostonista Loves: HauteLook.com

Designer sample sales may be a rarity in the Hub, but thanks to the web, we can get the goods without ever stepping foot in […]

Rip-Off: A Consignment Shopping Horror Story

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for designer threads at cut-rate prices. So when my editor asked me to scope out the […]

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