Fessenden School

Fessenden School is an independent school for students in Pre-K through ninth grade, with boarding options for students in grades 5-9. Located in West Newton, just minutes from downtown Boston, Fessenden offers state-of-the-art facilities, curriculum, and programs specifically designed to meet the educational needs of boys.

Fessenden’s 41-acre campus is a place where people live, share, and learn together in an inclusive community enveloped in a core mission—to teach, nurture, and celebrate growing boys, and to cultivate each student’s individual potential.

In the Lower School, with attention from teachers who foster a love of learning, boys play, engage, and grow. By demonstrating kindness and respect, faculty and staff encourage these characteristics in our dynamic, curious, and intelligent boys. In Fessenden’s Middle and Upper Schools, boarders and day students alike are immersed in a diverse culture that comes from a campus community of local, national, and international students. Fessenden has created an academic experience that both supports and encourages boys to venture beyond their comfort zones. As a result, boys strive, interact, and claim their identities with both confidence and humility. To learn more about the Fessenden experience, visit fessenden.org.  

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