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Lynne B. Ahn, MD

Specialty: Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine, Gastroenterology, Integrative Gastroenterology

Top Doctor2023, 2024


Led by Dr. Lynne Ahn, Ahn Point Wellness is a unique medical practice specializing in optimizing your health. Combining her expertise in integrative gastroenterology with the latest in anti-aging and longevity practices, Dr. Ahn offers a personalized approach beyond what is available through traditional primary care and gastroenterology. A well-respected physician in the community, Dr. Ahn has been practicing medicine for 30 years and is a board-certified gastroenterologist and anti-aging functional medicine physician. Optimizing overall health is no longer just a hope, it is an attainable goal that Dr. Ahn will help you reach.

List the treatments and procedures you offer:

Upper Endoscopy
Pillcam for evaluation of the small bowel
Hemorrhoidal banding
In depth Stool testing of Microbiome
Bio identical hormone replacement
Thyroid replacement
Micronutrient optimization
Weight loss strategies
Regenerative Medicine therapies

Awards or Certifications

ABIM: American Board of internal medicine, gastroenterology
FAARM: Fellow Anti-aging Regenerative Medicine

Special expertise

Integrative Gastroenterology and Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine