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Zahid H. Bajwa



Boston Headache Institute at Boston PainCare offers chronic headache sufferers relief with specialized treatments quickly and effectively. Director Dr. Zahid Bajwa has a unique approach to headache and facial pain due to his board certification in neurology and fellowship in anesthesia-based pain medicine. His neurology background gives him a deep understanding of the pathophysiology of the pain condition, while his years of practicing pain relief allow for more aggressive treatment options, including Botox treatments and nerve blocks. Patients who have been evaluated and treated at multiple other institutions for their ongoing pain find the combination of medication options and interventional procedures more beneficial. Dr. Bajwa has created a clinical team interested in patients who suffer with headache and facial pain and an atmosphere for thorough patient education and comprehensive patient care

Treatments and Procedures Offered:

At Boston Headache Institute we offer a range of effective treatments for headaches and facial pain which include:


Botox has recently emerged as an effective headache treatment for certain patients. As per FDA recommendations, it is administered every 12 weeks for pain relief, with relief increasing with each dose.


Medications are the most common treatment for headaches. There are a range of medications that offer relief, some are preventive and others symptomatic. Our team will prescribe the medication and dosage best suited to each patient depending on the patient’s frequency and intensity of headache, other health factors and past history with headache medications.

Nerve Blocks/Trigger Point Injections

At the Boston Headache Institute we also use nerve blocks and trigger point injections to treat certain headaches. This technique freezes or anesthetizes the nerve transmitting pain and reduces or eliminates pain following treatment. With our in-house surgery center, patients can be seen quickly and eliminate the hassle of spending hours in a hospital emergency room.

Educational Workshops

We believe an educated patient is one who understands their illness and is part of the treatment plan. Our educational workshops help headache patients manage their headaches, avoid triggers and explain how to live with and decrease headache symptoms. Understanding headache pain and the causes can often help the patient find the road to recovery.

Nutritional Counseling and Dietary Management

A patient’s diet is often an important factors in treating headaches. Through our nutrition counseling program, patients learn to identify triggers, avoid foods that commonly cause headaches, and eat a healthy diet.

Support Groups

Our headache support groups enable patients to share their challenges successes, and offer each other support during the treatment process.

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