Think you don’t have time to exercise? Many everyday activities burn a significant number of calories, so if you add them to a basic fitness routine, fitting exercise into your life doesn’t seem so daunting!

For example:

  • Gardening burns approximately 324 calories per hour
  • Light cleaning burns approximately 240 calories per hour
  • Heavy cleaning burns approximately 432 calories per hour
  • Mowing the lawn (non-riding mower) burns approximately 324 calories per hour
  • Playing with kids burns approximately 216 calories per hour
  • Vacuuming/mopping burns approximately 150 calories per hour
  • Brisk walking burns approximately 297 calories per hour
  • Dancing burns approximately 370 calories per hour
  • Yoga burns approximately 360 calories per hour
  • Moving (carrying boxes) burns approximately 504 calories hour


Numbers are estimated for a 150 lb. person, and will vary depending on weight, body composition, and level of intensity.


Above content provided by The American Cancer Society in partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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