Hair replacement

Another non-surgical procedure that can make a world of difference is hair replacement. Hair replacement can enhance your appearance and increase your confidence by fixing hair that is thinning out due to various reasons. Plus, depending on the specific treatment you choose, the results can be temporary or permanent!

Sarah Deutsch of Suisse Salon says hair integration is especially popular in the summer, when everyone wants to take their hats off and feel the breeze through their hair. Deutsch’s dedication to her craft and development of Suisse’s “invisible attachment” technique produces the most natural looking hair replacement possible. “In order to produce a fuller head of hair, natural human hair is integrated into the client’s existing hair to conceal the thinning areas of the scalp,” she says. “Unlike other common hair replacement methods, we do not use glue, weaves, or harmful heat adhesives in our process.”

Suisse natural hair replacement services are also risk-free, Deutsch says, with the only risk being the one you have to take to face your fear of scheduling a consultation. Sometimes it can take time to confront an issue like hair loss head-on, since it can really hurt someone’s self esteem. “If your front teeth were missing, chances are you wouldn’t think twice about having them replaced,” she says, “but for some reason hair loss is a much bigger deal for people psychologically.”


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