A Nutritionist's Philosophy

I love food — good, local, Boston food. I am also overzealous about the subject of fiber, sincerely enthusiastic about fruits and vegetables, and can be found testing the capabilities of my Vitamix blender on any given day — will it really blend an entire pineapple?

I’m a registered dietitian — not the food police nor a “perfect” eater. I will never tell anyone to aim to eat exactly eight almonds every day at 3 p.m. My recipes hardly ever turn out edible the first time around, but I persist because I believe that every healthy recipe deserves to be delicious, too.

My nutrition philosophy includes making unfussy, uncomplicated meals with whole foods grown close to home. Healthy eating really can be easy when you start with meals that are easy to prepare, and can be cooked in bulk. For example, you can make a protein-rich, low-fat, high-fiber vegetable frittata in muffin tins for the perfect, pre-portioned snack or breakfast when sandwiched between a whole-wheat English muffin. Or, make a big pot of soup or stew filled with vegetables, beans, whole grains and ground turkey. Freeze half in small storage containers for an easy lunch to throw in your bag when you are rushing out the door for work weeks later.

Easy to prepare does not mean that you must use pre-packaged foods, which are almost always higher in calories, sodium, fat and unhealthy food additives (stick with me, and I’ll tell you which are the worst). Whether or not you have ventured into the Whole Foods bulk bins, there are strategies for incorporating more whole foods into your diet without spending hours in the kitchen. For instance, have you tried the protein-rich whole grain Quinoa yet? It’s as easy to prepare as rice except you must be sure to give it a quick rinse to rid of the bitter-tasting “saponin” on the outside of each seed. Quinoa makes a great side dish, or base for cold salads when you are looking for something more substantial than leafy greens.

My goal is to provide easy, healthy meal ideas and nutrition education that motivates and inspires you to care about both where your food comes from and what is in it. And all along the way, I will point out the delicious and healthy local food that Boston has to offer.