More Doctors Taking a Stand Against Anti-Vaccine Patients

More Doctors Taking a Stand Against Anti-Vaccine Patients. Worried about the unnecessary spread of disease and unwilling to deal with uncooperative parents, pediatricians are beginning to shut the door in the faces of their anti-immunization patients, according to the Wall Street Journal. And from the sound of it, an anti-vaccine family, once dropped, has a hard time getting another doctor if they continue to refuse to vaccinate their children. The phenomenon has sparked something of a debate through the pediatric medicine field regarding a doctor’s responsibility to patients, and if you’re on the side of the “never-abandon-a-patient-in-need”-types, then you’re probably outraged. But on the other side of the coin, is it worth the risk of exposing a waiting room full of pre-vaccination-age kids to an unapologetically unimmunized child who could be carrying anything from meningitis to measles? [Wall Street Journal]