Welcome to the Post-Antibiotic Era. It's Going to be a Rough One

Welcome to the Post-Antibiotic Era. It’s Going to be a Rough One. Hospitals are danger zones, gyms are becoming ever more so, once easy-to-treat diseases are now monsters to cure, and expensive as well. At a microbial level, the first lines of attack no longer work the way they used to, the government is unable to track the abuses of antibiotics that exacerbate the situation, and there is dangerously little research going on into new alternatives that could offer modern solutions. One possible ray of hope comes from advocates now pushing the FDA to treat resistant strains as rare diseases, worthy of the financial breaks that would make them more profitable to research, while on the other side, there also looms the possibility that antibiotics will become more restricted compounds, available only in specific, regulated circumstances. Welcome to a new age. [ABC News | Haicontroversies | Reuters]