Where Celebs Work Out in Boston

Ever wanted to run a treadmill next to Ryan Reynolds or Mila Kunis? Here's where to go — but act cool, OK?

Photo by HelveticaFanatic/Flickr.

Since 2007, when the Massachusetts legislature upped its tax incentives for Hollywood to film movies over here, Boston has become something of a mini-mecca for spotting celebrities. No longer do New Englanders have to travel to Tinseltown to get a glance at their favorite movie stars — they can just hop down the street to their favorite patio restaurant on Newbury Street, or to the banks of the Charles, or even, yes, the gym! After all, staying in Hollywood shape takes deliberate effort and does not come naturally for most of us, celebs included. And that means that when stars fly our way, they also hit up our fitness centers and sports clubs. So if you’re a fitness fanatic looking to nonchalantly pound a treadmill belt next to, say, Ryan Reynolds, here’s where to go.

Equinox Back Bay
As the priciest of the chain sports clubs in the area, it should come as no surprise that many actors have used this gym as their home fitness base during the past fall. Ted stars Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg were both spotted here regularly while they were shooting in town. I’ve personally seen Kunis regularly hit the elliptical, then add in a few compound strength training exercises, like reverse lunges with dumbbell bicep curls (and yes, she is tiny in person.) Wahlberg seems to be a lifetime member of Equinox having been spotted at various locations since 2007, and former “Sexiest Man Alive,” Ryan Reynolds, was also spotted logging many miles on the treadmills while shooting RIPD this fall.

The Sports Club/LA
Attached to the Ritz, the Sports Club/LA regularly sees stars come through its doors, and it’s a particular favorite among visiting professional athletic teams. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are repeat guests, A-Rod brings along his own personal trainer, while other celebrities — like Lady Gaga — use the staff trainers for a motivational boost. Rumor has it that Kate Hudson was a Pilates class regular while in town shooting Bride Wars a couple years ago, and Mel Gibson, Justin Timberlake, and Cameron Diaz are a few other visitors that have been spotted there on occasion.

Boston Sports Club
While it may not be the swankiest, the Boston Sports Club chain has a small following of their own among the hometown celebs. Sudbury native and Captain America star, Chris Evans, was recently spotted working out at the Boston Sports Club near South Station, and Boston comic and Are You There, Chelsea dad, Lenny Clarke, was seen “working out like an animal” at the BSC in Medford, according to the Boston Herald. Clarke famously lost 144 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers and obviously is determined to keep them off. The BSC in Allston was also profiled in 2008 featuring Biggest Loser contestant Maggie King with her personal trainer getting ready for the finale.

Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute
The outspoken wife of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, is frequently seen around Back Bay during football season. The paparazzi regularly camp out on the Mass. Ave bridge to get shots of her spending quality time with little Benjamin on the Charles River playgrounds and running errands. Bundchen famously credits her pain-free bathtub birth with meditation that she may have practiced while visiting the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute, where she was photographed leaving the gym and also giving the owner Yao Li a hug on the streets.

The rest of them …
While some celebrities are physically gifted and don’t need to work out on a regular basis to look like a ten (lucky), most of them do. Many fly in their trainers and work with them privately. Others hire local personal trainers to come train them inside their trailers. One reported Hollywood starlet hired a Pilates Instructor to privately work with her however when it came time to sweat, all she wanted to do was stretch. Don’t forget about Tom and Katie, either! Katie Holmes was a frequent jogger along the river.

Do you have a celebrity sighting at your gym? Share your experience below.