UMass Studies Give Daily Standing, Well … Standing Ovation

UMass Studies Give Daily Standing, Well … Standing Ovation. Yet another nail in the coffin that is your chair comes by way of a New York Times recap of recent studies — including some out of the University of Massachusetts — all of which tout, once more, the benefits of standing. If you haven’t run across this topic yet, let us give you the 30-second recap: standing at work instead of sitting can burn fat, add years, stabilize blood sugar, and quash the 2 p.m. post-lunch coma. It’s kind of the next best thing to the silver bullet of health, and so … wait, why are you still sitting down? After all that? Believe it or not, it’s not actually that hard to convert your station from sitting to standing. Pro tip: in a pinch, grab a stray box, some packs of printer paper, and up you go. Yes, you’ll be the weirdest one at the office. Yes, it will be worth it. [New York Times]