The Soda Obsession: Will Boston Follow in New York City's Footsteps?

Tell someone they can’t get a 32-ounce Dr. Pepper, and all hell breaks loose: NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s recent proposal of a ban on sodas larger than 16 fluid ounces brought on strong reactions from New Yorkers. The mayor’s idea is one way of trimming people’s waistlines, and in the long run, helping their wallet. But will Boston follow suit? The large soda ban could go hand-in-hand with Mayor Menino’s “Boston Moves for Health” diet and fitness program. As in NYC, the ban would likely instigate a battle between Boston legislature and Boston locals. Since Menino’s program is more comprehensive than Bloomberg’s purely legislative stance, Boston may take on the soda-ban initiative with more ease. Small, baby steps are the key to success here. [New York Times]