Video: How to Get the Abs of an Olympian

Simple exercises to help you achieve the toned physique of Olympic athletes.

If they had been giving out Olympic medals for toned bods, cut abs, and sick figures, we all would have wanted a spot on the judging panel! Event after event, day after day, week after week, we were glued to our TVs watching amazing athletic performances, but the sideshow of ogling the physiques on these world-record beaters was transfixing! It was fun to text our friends and opine as to who had the best body, who looked the hottest, and just how amazing all the athletes really looked.

Then, once we had our thoughts to ourselves, we found ourselves wanting those same ourselves. “What do they do to get those abs?” “What exercises are they doing to get that six-pack?” “How can I look like that?”

In our latest video, we’re taking that ogling to the next step, and showing you some effective ways to help cut, tone, and define your figure so that you too can feel proud strutting your stuff in a swimsuit! It’s important to follow a smart approach to getting the results you’re looking for, and it doesn’t come easy. A sensible diet, plenty of frequent cardiovascular exercise, and a good selection of muscle-strengthening exercises will combine well to get you to where you want to be. Today’s clip will list and demonstrate some of the sport-specific exercises that top athletes will incorporate into their workouts and will show you how to target the body parts that you want to focus on. The exercises will also benefit you when it comes to being active. Running, skiing, golfing, playing tennis, diving…all of these core-incorporating activities will be performed at a higher level when you’re physically trained for them.

As you bring these exercises into your workout routine, be realistic about expected results. When Olympians set out on a strict regime of physical preparation for their specific sports, one thing you can guarantee they’ll be including as part of that preparation is NOT eating junk! Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a great workout can be “rewarded” with junk food. It can’t. Give yourself the chance to succeed by supplementing your workouts with smart eating. Watch the fast food, fried food, sugars and fats, and be smart. If you want a reward, earn it. You’ll know only too well if you’re worthy of bronze, silver, or gold.