Battle at the Barre

With another barre studio opening in the Back Bay, will ballet-inspired workouts get a leg up?

The barre fight in Boston is definitely heating up.

Already a staple in the Newton Centre fitness community, the Pure Barre franchise is coming to Newbury Street sometime within the next month. While some might balk at the idea of another studio opening in an already saturated Back Bay fitness market, owner Lauren Marett Sherman saw it as a welcome opportunity. “The Back Bay is fitness minded,” Sherman says. “People here have the resources to try different studios without a monthly gym membership.”

When asked about the competition down the street like The Bar Method, BTone Fitness and Boston Body Barre, Sherman said that she feels there are enough pieces of the pie to go around. She hopes word of mouth will help drive fitness enthusiasts to her studio. After taking her first Pure Barre class she says it was, “love at first tuck.”

Many barre classes are based on the Lotte Berk Method which combines a mix of isometrics, Pilates, Hatha yoga and dance conditioning into one body transforming class. In a typical barre class, you’ll plié, tuck, pulse and do leg lifts until your muscles are shaking uncontrollably. And while a barre class won’t make you a professional Ballet dancer, it will help you get on your way to the coveted dancer’s body. A barre workout is low-impact on your joints, so it is great for people prone to injury. But don’t let the “low-impact” label fool you. After just one class you’ll feel muscles you never knew you had.

Former Equinox and Boston Sports Club group exercise instructor, Jessica Grasso, is also opening a Pure Barre studio in Burlington this October. “I think that one of the things that really struck me about Pure Barre is the fact that there is a great deal of science and history behind the workout,” Grasso says. “It’s an extremely safe workout that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level.”

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Want to try some barre moves at home? Try this video with a simple arm routine inspired by The Bar Method.