Boston's Best Jogging Routes for Every Type of Runner

Whether you prefer flat pavement, rugged hills or a water view, we've got you covered—in sweat.

City joggers are everywhere. Avoiding oncoming joggers is harder than navigating Boston traffic. You can’t walk down Boylston, Newbury, Charles or any other major street without feeling like you are in their way. And that’s a good thing since Massachusetts is consistently ranked as one of the fittest states in the country. But if you want to move away from the clogged pavement, there is an abundance of running paths close by. There are hills and mountains for the ambitious cross-country runner. There are paved paths for the occasional jogger. There are even long stretches of trails and woods for the marathon trainee. But jogging is ambitious enough without having to find the right course. So we did the work for you. Check out the maps below for some of the best running routes in our area. Did we miss some? Tell us where you like run!

The Long and Historic Run: 3 miles
View Battle Road Trail in a larger map

running map


The Short Pond Run: 1.71 miles
View Walden Pond in a larger map

Run Walden Pond

The Race Course Run: 2.1 miles
View Franklin Park in a larger map

Run Franklin Park

The Esplanade Run: 7.08 miles
View Charles River Loop in a larger map

Charles River run

The Out and Back Run: 4.37 miles
View Ware River Trail in a larger map

Run Ware River Trail

The Fresh Pond Loop: 3.19 miles
View Fresh Pond in a larger map

Run Fresh Pond