Health Headlines: Physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis reduces risk of death

Plus: Malaria is back in Greece, women should quit smoking by 30, probiotics improve your skin, and more headlines.

Breast cancer screenings saves lives, according to a study by Britain’s Department of Health. Before you file that under “most obvious news ever” the study also found that for every correct diagnosis, approximately three women are over-diagnosed and treated for cancer that they did not have. In Britain, mammograms are offered to women ages 50 to 70 every three years as part of a state-funded program. [NBC NEWS]

Probiotics can help improve your skin. Yes, the probiotics that you already know help with digestion, are now in beauty products to help get rid of eczema and acne. Companies like Burt’s Bees and Clinique are already putting “good” bacteria in their products. [Prevention]

Women that quit smoking by 30 reduce risk of premature death by 97 percent from smoking related illnesses, according to a new study published in the The Lancet medical journal. The study was designed to investigate links between health and lifestyle. No matter how old you are, if you are a smoker, quit now. Seriously. [Telegraph]

Physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis can reduce risk of death. More than 2500 female nurses that were diagnosed with breast cancer were studied for 14 years or until death. The study found that walking three to five hours per week at an average pace improved their survival rate. [National Institutes of Health]

Malaria is back in Greece, after a 40 year absence. Major budget cuts to Greece’s health services have resulted in medication shortages and a rise in HIV cases. Additionally, Athens did not have enough funds to spray for mosquitos this year. [NPR Health]