The Coolest Fitness Classes in Boston

Move over Zumba, and say goodbye bootcamp, these unique group classes are what's hot right now.

hip hop yoga in BostonHip Hop Yoga class photo provided by Back Bay Yoga

Hip Hop Yoga

Sorry yoga community, but we have to say it. Not everybody loves yoga. (Gasp!) Between the om’s and the ’90s Enya music, some of us feel like falling asleep in the middle of class. We prefer our 90s music to be of the hip hop variety anyway, which is why we love Hip Hop Yoga. Imagine deep stretching to Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion now?), or doing a sweaty flow to Biggie. The unique class is the brainchild of Back Bay Yoga owner Lynne Begier, who randomly created it while experimenting in her traditional Vinyasa Flow class. Sign us up. Back Bay Yoga; $15 drop-in; 364 Boylston Street, 2nd Fl., Boston

spin bikes

Photo courtesy of RealRyder® International LLC

Real Ryder

We all know spinning is an amazing workout, but it doesn’t matter how high-tech the bikes are, one thing remains the same: they are stationary. But Real Ryder bikes are different and they are popping up all over Massachusetts. They provide lateral movement, meaning they move side-to-side, as if you are steering, turning, and balancing on a real bike outside. The bikes tilt and lean and you have to use your core muscles to stabilize for the entire class. These bikes take spinning to a whole new level. Core Cardio Fitness; $16 drop-in; 239 Commercial Street, Malden


equinox whippedPhoto courtesy of Equinox


The Whipped class at Equinox basically uses every cool piece of equipment at the gym all in one class. You’ll use heavy ropes, body bars (including the ViPR, that big rubber tube with handles that looks like it should be used in police training), and kettlebells for a total body workout. There is a reason why the class is called Whipped, and don’t be surprised if you have a hard time walking the next day. Equinox; membership fees vary; 225 Franklin Street, Boston

What are your favorite fitness classes in Boston? Tell us in the comments!