Mayor Menino Moved to Rehab Facility

After a month of recovering from an infection and back pain, Mayor Menino is being moved to rehab.

Mayor Menino BostonPhoto by Dan4th via Flickr

Mayor Thomas Menino was moved from Brigham and Women’s Hospital to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, his doctor said in a press conference today. Menino is recovering from an infection and a bad back which left him hospitalized for the past month.

Dr. Charles Morris of Brigham and Women’s Hospital said today at the press conference that Menino was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, in addition to the other ailments he was fighting. He will now be transferred to rehab for the next phase of his recovery. “We look forward to him doing the important therapy and then getting back to where he needs to be,” Morris said at the news conference. “He needs now to focus on getting his strength back, on getting back to where he was before all this started.”

In rehab, Menino will undergo physical and occupational therapy. Menino’s doctors emphasized at the conference that they found no evidence of cancer. They also said that his heart is in good health and that his mind is sharp and capable of making big decisions.

Menino is said to be considering running for a sixth term. “I don’t see his medical issues being an obstacle at all,’’ to a future political campaign, Morris said. “It is a run of bad luck, and it is nothing that concerns me. He will rebound from this.”

The Mayor’s spokeswoman Dot Joyce said the mayor was disappointed he wasn’t going home but is glad his condition is improving. “He is itching to get back out here and he will shortly,” Joyce said.