Health and Fitness: What You’re Doing Wrong…And How to Do It Right

Learn how to eat, sleep, work, and exercise right to live a healthy lifestyle in 2013.

health and fitness lifestyle habitsAll Photos by Scott Nobles
All Illustrations by Todd Detwiler

In every aspect of our lives—in how we eat, sleep, work, and yes, even exercise—we’re inadvertently doing ourselves harm. But the New Year is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start turning things around. Here, we diagnose your problems and provide helpful, easy-to-implement solutions for your new healthy lifestyle.

health and fitness lifestyle habits


On the Job: It’s not just the work that’s wearing us down—it’s the office space, too. Here’s how to ease your pain, including alternatives to the standard chair, powerful poses to relieve stress, and more.

health and fitness lifestyle habits


On the Move: Okay, so you sweat like a pro—the six times a year you work out. Here’s how to get fit the right way, whether that means running up and down the hills of Boston, chasing the bus, doing squats, or even washing dishes.

health and fitness lifestyle habits


On the Menu: There’s a better way to approach meals. Learn how to eat mindfully, quit sugar, and recognize the right stuff to eat, even at fast food restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts.

health and fitness lifestyle habits


On the Pillow: Every morning, more Americans wake up feeling tired than refreshed. Here’s how to sleep right, with tips including: make your bed, turn on a fan, and most importantly, unplug. Plus, an expert evaluates the world of sleep aids.

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