Couples That Work Out Together, Stay Together

Try this couple's workout for a different way to sweat together.

Couple exercisingPhoto via Shutterstock

Every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, the same old ways to celebrate always prevail: romantic dinners, boxes of chocolate, and flowers. Been there, done that. If you’re looking for a way to break out of your V-Day rut, put down the Russell Stover and try working out together instead.

Thanks to the release of endorphins, exercise is a feel-good way to spend time together. Endorphins produce an opiate-like feeling of well-being, and there’s no one better to experience that high with than your significant other. Studies have shown that exercising with any partner is beneficial, and the friendly competition that comes from exercising with your loved one can breathe fresh life into a relationship, rekindling any flames that may have dimmed. Try racing each other on trail runs or up and down sets of stairs for a little good-natured competition.

Even better, experts say one of the main benefits of tandem workouts is not having to choose between logging hours at the gym and spending quality time with the person you love. Capping a long day off with a run alongside your partner is a great way to bust stress and unwind, and meeting fitness goals together is a perfect way to build unity and closeness. Plus, having a partner who you can exercise with will also hold you accountable.

And did we mention that all this exercising together will improve your sex life have you both looking your best? If that’s not a great Valentine’s Day gift, we don’t know what is. Peter Lavelle and Jill Tomich founders of Ultimate Bootcamp put together this couples workout so you can work up a sweat together.