Get Fit for Free at the YMCA

Mayor Menino announces YMCAs around the city will offer free classes this month.

Fitness class photo via Shutterstock

Boston Moves for Health, an ultra-ambitious program launched by Mayor Menino last year calling for Boston residents to collectively lose one million pounds over the course of a year, has gotten its fair share of media flack (which we whole-heartedly disagreed with) for, well, failing. But not one to go down without a fight, Mayor Menino has unveiled a new opportunity for Bostonians to get moving.

Tomorrow morning at 11 a.m., Menino will be at the Roxbury YMCA to officially begin a month of free classes at Ys all over the city. No YMCA membership is required, and the classes are open to anyone and everyone. The offerings, 24 in all, include everything from boxing and core classes to Zumba for kids and gentle yoga. Trendy classes like barre, Kettlebell, and Tabata round out the schedule, which runs until March 30. Check out the list of classes here.

Maybe we didn’t fulfill Menino’s proclamation to the letter, but with the city so obviously behind citizens getting fit, it’s clear we’re earning our spot in the top five fittest cities in the country. And with these YMCA classes offered for free in a number of different neighborhoods, there’s really no reason not to take advantage.