Classes We Love: Synergistics Fitness Method

This Life in Synergy class will target all those little muscles you conveniently forgot about at the gym.

An SFM classAn SFM level one class. Photo provided by the Life in Synergy studio.

What it is:

The Synergistics Fitness Method (SFM), offered at Life in Synergy studio, is a Pilates-esque workout that targets specific, underused muscles while syncing up the brain and the body—which makes it perfect for the end of a long day at the office. The class is divided into muscle-specific segments aimed at toning and targeting that area of the body. By the end of the class, you’ll have clenched, squeezed, and flexed your deltoids, triceps, inner thighs, abs, obliques, butt, hips, and more for a total-body workout.

Know before you go:

We’ve all taken classes that leave us glancing around the room, confused, because the move the instructor calls “a great ab workout!” is making your inner thighs burn instead—um, what? Rest assured, that won’t happen in this class. The SFM method is designed so that you know which muscle you’re working, where you’re supposed to feel the burn, and how to target oft-neglected muscle groups. The movements are so specific, you’ll know immediately if you’re doing something wrong.

Keep in mind that this is not a cardio class. You may not even break a sweat during the hour-long session, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get whipped into shape. The SFM method is also taught in several ways at the studio, meaning you can tailor your workout even more. The daily offerings include SFM levels one and two classes, as well as area-specific classes like Arms & Abs, ABS-olutely Core, Lean Legs, and Butts & Guts Hour.

The vibe:

Positive. The staff at the front desk and the instructors are cheerful, warm, and welcoming. Because of the small class sizes (the average is 15 students but it’s not uncommon to have as few as five), the studio really feels like a community, and the instructors know the majority of the students’ names. The studio space itself is beautiful, with plenty of natural light and a clean, soothing design.

The cost:

Though SFM classes aren’t cheap—a 10-pack will run you $150 and a drop-in session is $17—the studio offers your first class free so you can try it out before dropping any cash.

What to bring:

Absolutely nothing. The studio provides mats, resistance bands, balls, and blocks. You don’t even need to wear sneakers since the class is done barefoot.

The bottom line:

If you’re a Pilates devotee looking to try something a little different or someone who needs that extra push to tone up (and get rid of those love handles once and for all), this is the class for you.

Life in Synergy Studio, 867 Boylston St., 617-867-6500;

An SFM classOne of the Life in Synergy studios. Photo provided.