The Most Popular Running Routes in Boston

Garmin technology shows us most popular running routes near the city.

Boston is a city that loves running. You can’t swing a handbag on the sidewalk without hitting a passing runner. The season doesn’t matter. The weather doesn’t matter. The time of day doesn’t matter. You can join a plethora of free running groups or safely head out on your own.

We mapped out some of our favorite running routes last fall, but now, with user-generated data from Garmin Connect (thanks to Reddit user UCto9 for pointing this out), we can see exactly where locals like to run (and perhaps, more importantly, what routes to avoid during peak hours).

The more active the area, the deeper the color, according to Garmin rep Justin McCarthy. So obviously, the Esplanade and areas around the Charles are a bright red. They are clearly the most popular routes in town, and for good reason. If you don’t get goosebumps on a gorgeous spring day while running past the sailboats, couples picnicing, and even the passing T on the Longfellow Bridge, then you just don’t have a pulse.

The Boston Marathon route and Heartbreak Hill are also very popular. The Riverway clearly has a lot of foot traffic as well. The biggest surprise to us is the lack of heat on the Castle Island route. Maybe it’s too windy for some people, but it’s one of our favorite running routes, and one of the most beautiful in town. Check out some of our favorite running photos after the jump:

main-image-runningMap image via Garmin 

castle-island-viewCastle Island running view. Photos by Melissa Malamut

esplanade runningGorgeous running view from the Esplanade in fall.

Comm-Ave-MallRunners still take over Comm Ave Mall after a snowstorm.

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