Work Out Online with Scott Herman Fitness

New England fitness celeb Scott Herman talks about how he built an online fitness empire.

Scott Herman
A still from one of Herman’s Lionsgate BeFit videos. Photo via Lionsgate BeFit on Facebook.

There are a million excuses for not hitting the gym. Newcomers feel intimidated. Seasoned exercisers hate fighting for a good machine. Memberships are expensive. If those laments sound familiar, New England online fitness guru Scott Herman should be on your radar.

Herman, the founder and CEO of Scott Herman Fitness and a regular contributor to the free online workout site Lionsgate BeFit, has built himself into a veritable fitness brand with this series of online workout videos and fitness tips. Herman’s videos reach a broad audience with his 26,000 Twitter followers and nearly 70 million YouTube channel views. “I felt like I had so much more to give to the world,” Herman says of his decision to take his exercise advice online instead of working as a traditional personal trainer. “I can still help all those people same people in my gym, and I can utilize my videos to go worldwide.”

Herman’s latest venture with Lionsgate is the BeFit in 30 Extreme program. Herman describes the workout as a “metabolic conditioning program that’s designed to have you burn a ton of calories while building lean muscle.” The program is offered at the beginner, intermediate, and, as of March 1, advanced levels, and it can be found on the Lionsgate BeFit website and Herman’s YouTube channel.

Next up, Herman says he’s working on a relaunch of his website to make it easier for his followers to track their goals and progress. He’s also working on developing a new fitness program to add to his repertoire, this one aimed at building muscle without sacrificing endurance and cardiovascular health. “A lot of body builders, they look like they’re in great shape but, if they had to run a mile for their lives, most of them can’t do it,” he says. “So what I’d like to do is push a program that, you gain some muscle and you can get stronger … but you’ll still have the muscular endurance.”

A Gold’s Gym employee throughout high school and college, Herman, who currently lives in Salem, New Hampshire, fell into making fitness videos after appearing in The Real World: Brooklyn in 2009. “After living in the city for six or seven months, I just started to really miss the gym environment, being in the gym and helping people,” Herman says. “So I decided I would start maybe making some YouTube videos just to get back into it.”

Herman was soon contacted by someone at Google who saw him on The Real World and was interested in his videos. “He started explaining how you can build a channel and if you’re good, you can develop a really big fan base and you can make a living making YouTube videos, which I had no idea you could do at time,” Herman remembers. “That’s basically how it all kind of started.”

And though Herman’s programs have certainly garnered him some recognition, he says the best part about being an online fitness presence is building a community. “It’s cool to have a large community, but it’s way cooler to have a community of fans that aren’t just fans, they’re more like family,” he says. “Everyone’s there to kind of help each other and get along and push each other to reach their goals. There’s not too many places online you can go for that.”

Check out one of Herman’s BeFit in 30 Extreme videos below: