Boston Well Represented on ‘Sexy Scientists’ List

Business Insider listed 50 sexy scientists, and we found that many live near Boston. You're welcome.

When a story is published and more than 3 million people are talking about it, we think that’s a big deal. When that story is about the sexiest scientists in the country, and at least 10 live near Boston, we enter near stalker territory. Business Insider published the story and the overwhelming response proves that smart is sexy. The Greater Boston area can claim half of the sexy scientists as one-time residents (many attended college here—of course—but left for other projects), including number one on the list, MIT grad, Bobak Ferdowsi. Who is he? You may know him as the guy behind NASA’s Curiosity Rover Twitter handle. He tweeted his way into our hearts with clever posts that even earned a conversation with Britney Spears. He also has a “I’m not a science nerd, I’m a bad-ass” multi-colored mohawk. Sadly, he left our great city, so enough about him. Here are some current Boston-area residents that made the list:

#43 Myriam Afeiche, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

#30 Ziad Obermeyer, 32, Physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School.

#25 Gabriel Victora, 30, Principal Investigator and Whitehead Fellow, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT.


Photo provided by Kathleen Dooher/Whitehead Institute

#22 Aditi Shankardass, Neuroscientist, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

#8, Noah Wilson-Rich, 30, Behavioral ecologist; Founder and chief scientific officer at Best Bees Company.


Photo provided

#5 Jean-Baptiste Michel, early 30s, Mathematician, engineer, and researcher with Harvard University and Google.

#2 Lisa Randall, 50, Physicist and professor, Harvard University.



Photo via Wikimedia Commons