Equinox Wants to Be Your Personal Nutritionist

Equinox developed 12 nutrition tips to live by and partnered with Zagat to create a guide to staying healthy while eating out.

Eating out

Equinox’s new nutritional guide will help when going to restaurants. Photo via Shutterstock 

The popular gym chain Equinox, which has three Boston locations, announced new plans to preach healthy eating and nutrition in addition to physical fitness and working out for a multi-faceted approach to wellness.

The new guide to making healthy choices while dining out, entitled “Dining Out by Equinox“, is part of partnership with Zagat. The guide will be offered both online and in print and features suggestions for satisfying but healthy dining options, and includes Boston locations like T.W. Food, Harvest, Oishii, and Menton.

The second half of the nutrition-centric approach is a set of 12 “nutritional pillars” that the club plans to unveil month by month to its members and newsletter readers along with tips and recipe ideas for implementing them. The 12 pillars, according to a report from Equinox, are:

  • Eat nutrient-dense foods instead of strictly limiting calories
  • Get nutrients from food instead of supplements
  • Avoid processed, high-sugar foods
  • Eat local, in-season, and organic food whenever possible
  • Eat a vegetable-heavy diet
  • Regulate blood sugar by watching carbohydrate intake
  • Consume lean protein, in some form, with each meal
  • Eat some healthy fat every day
  • Practice adequate nutrition before and after workouts
  • Drink more water and other healthy fluids
  • Be aware of when you’re truly hungry or full
  • Use a seasonal detox to improve results

The report quotes David Harris, Equinox’s vice president of training:

“Nutrition is an integral part of the Equinox Health Platform of Exercise, Nutrition, and Regeneration,” said David Harris, Vice President of Personal Training for Equinox. “Too many nutritional programs focus just on the narrow aims of weight loss and athletic performance, whereas the 12 pillars are meant to address behaviors and physiological considerations that are essential to optimizing not just athletic performance, but performance in life.”

Though there certainly isn’t a shortage of nutrition advice out there, we have to say the idea of fitness and diet advice all in one place seems like an easy way to get good results. Now let’s just hope our favorite meals make the dining out guide.

Zagat guide

Photo provided by Equinox.