Q&A: Health Yoga Life’s Vyda Bielkus

One of the four sisters behind Beacon Hill's Health Yoga Life studio tells us about the studio, the sisters, and their latest program.

Health Yoga Life

A Health Yoga Life class. Photo provided.

Health Yoga Life, a Beacon Hill yoga studio that combines traditional yoga practice with life and wellness coaching, is run by the four Bielkus sisters: Aida, Vyda, Siga, and Zara. Here, we talk with cofounder Vyda Bielkus about the studio, the sisters, and their new Total Life Change (T.L.C.) plan.

What’s your background?

We were raised by a mom who was way ahead of her time, who taught us that without health life is limited. Two of us were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes [Vyda and Zara] from an early age, so we started incorporating complementary health strategies at a young age. Since our teens, we’ve used coaching and other modalities to navigate through life’s ups and downs. We see how powerful the combination of yoga and coaching is in our own lives and we knew it was time to share it with others. Life is hard; living doesn’t have to be.

How did you and your sisters get the idea to start the studio?

We were all in a transition in our own lives when we decided it was time to share what we know helps people make healthy changes [yoga and coaching]. All of us are very entrepreneurial and knew that opening a yoga studio would let us lead healthier lives everyday ourselves and help others do the same.

What’s the best part about running a studio with your family?

We can rely on each other fully. Each of us has a skill and talent for various parts of the business so we complement each other really well. We also love having fun together, so since owning a business is a lot of work, we at least knew owning it together [would guarantee] we would always have a fun day at work.

What is the Total Life Change plan?

The Total Life Change (T.L.C.) plan combines the best of what we offer: unlimited yoga for a month with two coaching calls a month. Practicing yoga consistently will change your body—weight loss, increased flexibility and strength—and your mind with a reduction of stress and anxiety, easing of depression, etc. Coaching supports any changes you are trying to make off your mat. Whether you are looking to lose weight, make a job change, have better familial and personal relationships, coaching can be helpful. If you feel stuck it can help take life from plateau to peak.

What’s the biggest benefit of the T.L.C. plan?

It offers lasting lifestyle change. Once an individual starts on the plan and starts to see these powerful results, they stay committed to their own personal growth. Because of the one-on-one coaching relationship, it is a personalized plan that targets the exact needs of each individual.

What distinguishes your studio from all the other yoga studios in the Boston area?

Because we are a family-run business, our love for each other and the studio shows up from the minute you step inside the studio.  We are very hands-on owners. Most likely you will see one of us there on your visit. Also, because we also offer the coaching we strive to help others with their lives off their mat, too. We practice what we preach and are here to serve the community.

12 Temple St., Boston, 857-350-4124; healthyogalife.com

Health Yoga Life

The sisters behind Health Yoga Life. Photo provided.